Caribbean Hurricane Crisis Links & Funding Resources 2017

The following is a compilation of links to funding drives and informational pieces regarding the current and on-going devastation in the Caribbean region.

(I have not vetted these beyond knowing and trusting their source, Caribbean scholars/activists and residents of the Caribbean who have recommended them; some entries may repeat; some entries need to be cut and pasted into your browser to be read.)

Sept. 29th: Information from PR Informa for those trying to leave the island temporarily until resources are restored:

2 options for departing PR: “Share a chartered Jet with friends from the Isla Grande Airport to Miami, FL (expect to pay at least $500 p/p) or Go to the Dominican Republic via Ferries del Caribe ($119, passport needed) Each ferry holds 2,000 people, and from there they can get flights to the US or stay at a hotel/rent an apt. for little money.”

Charity Navigator for all areas hit by H. Maria:


Reputable orgs helping in Puerto Rico, Dominica and all Caribbean islands hit by the hurricanes:


Informational/PR:  (interview with Y. Bonilla)


Added 10/8/17: HuffPost piece by Maritza Stanchich, UPR Professor & Journalist



For appeals to elected officials in the US for Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, etc., you can use “ResistBot” to communicate with elected officials & it works – text 50409 and the (ro)bot will fax or email whatever message you want to your elected officials after checking for you who they are based on your address or zip code.


Reputable PR Orgs and Volunteer Opportunities:

Will send shoes to any NGO anywhere for kids in need:

(If you have any trouble with the website or need help with how it works call them at: 206.697.4417 ; they are on the West Coast, Mountain time, available M-F, 9-5))

Re Dominica:
Remember Dominica: 90 to 95 percent destruction.

9/30/17: added: Dominica –

Re self-care for anyone affected directly (or in related occurrences):

Other compilations/funding links:

Updated, Sept. 29/17


From Repeating Islands:

US Virgin Islands:

Here is a detailed list of local SXM organizations and fundraising
pages to donate to help St Maarten/St. Martin get back on its feet:


Endorsed by Lin-Manuel Miranda/Added Oct. 1:




Added Oct. 8/Re Puerto Rico – the following are suggested by Maritza Stanchich, HuffPost Blogger/Journalist & Professor of English at UPR, Rio Piedras:


  1. Humanitarian Needs:


  1. Sustainable Agriculture:




  1. Community Kitchens:

(has an easy-to-use PayPal button to donate; one share/meal is $10.00)


  1. Informal Communities:



LONGER DESCRIPTIONS (of orgs directly above):

  1. This non-profit is connected with the reputable Center for a New Economy, with $768,000 raised as of Oct. 6. Their aims focus on immediate humanitarian needs; advocacy in San Juan and Washington, DC; and medium-to-long-term economic development:


  1. To contribute to the recovery of Puerto Rico’s sustainable agriculture movement, this initiative is coordinating with several respected groups. I have been following this movement and going to the markets weekly since 2003, and think food sovereignty is one of the most important social movements in Puerto Rico today.


  1. This long-standing local reputable organization is aiming efforts at reforestation and restoration of natural habitats in Puerto Rico:


  1. This is probably among the most immediate ways your donation can help in Puerto Rico now: with community kitchens serving hot meals in communities hard-hit by the storm. Started in 2013 on the University of Puerto Rico campuses of Río Piedras and Cayey, and now based in Caguas, they have since expanded to include two organic gardens. The kitchens operate on the principles of bartering and self-starting initiative. To donate using Paypal, click “Hacer un donativo” at upper right.


  1. This GoFundMe fund-raising campaign for the acclaimed Community Land Trustof the Caño Martin Peña communities has nearly reached its goal. Donations would directly help the nearly half of the 26,000 inhabitants in this informal neighborhood that suffered serious damage to their homes:


Note from Maritza re the above: “In general I recommend organizations that are more grass-roots oriented, without large bureaucracies. I have been familiar with the work of all these groups for years, and endorse their endeavors.”


Added Oct. 9/17: PR

Intercambion Puerto Rico


“They advocate for the social integration of marginalized groups, including drug users, the homeless and sex workers, with programs and events focused on services, education and research.” – very active post H. Maria

 Please send any updates or additional organizations to list by leaving a message in the comments section below which will be sent to the website owner.

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