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Haïti : Littérature et civilisation (organisation, Yanick Lahens, Chair, Francophone Worlds, Collège de France)

Media available in French only

Academic Convocation Address, Scripps College, August 30th, 2016: “Lakou Consciousness: Empathy, or the other side(s) of the fence:


Joint Keynote Speaker, “Diasporic Dis[Af]filiations: Re-reading ‘race’ transnationally,” Ciclo I, 2015-2016, Conferencias Caribeñas, Institute of Caribbean Studies, 2015, West Indian Literature Conference, Sept. 31-Oct. 4, 2015:

Interview conducted by UO Today’s Barbara Altman on the occasion of the delivery of the Bartolomé de Las Casas Keynote Talk, “Submission or Omission: Haiti’s Challenge in Latin America,” April 14, 2011:


Radio Interviews:

Interview by Lyonel Trouillot on Radio Kiskeya, Haiti (8/17/12): (starts @ 1:28)

w/ famed writer/novelist, Lyonel Trouillot, for my interview in PauP, 2012
w/ famed writer/novelist, Lyonel Trouillot, for my interview in PauP, 2012

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“Women In Haiti: Strength in Spirit & Culture,” A Post-Earthquake Interview with “Bread & Roses,” conducted February 2010, hosted by Carolle Scholl, (Portland Oregon) can be accessed here: (downloadable file)

It can also be accessed at:

Description: Haitian-Canadian author Myriam Chancy clarifies the richness and spirit of Haiti, especially that of women. “There’s great strength one can take from these women…Our history tells us it is possible to survive, to have a will, despite how Haiti is portrayed. Our culture, our spirit gives us no choice. We have to endure and that’s the heart of Haiti.” Also: poetry and music with Lenelle Moise and Emeline Michel.