Haiti Relief Funds

Where to Donate: Haiti Relief Funds – Updated November 25/2020 by Myriam Chancy
Here are responsible organizations that will make sure that your funds are directed were most needed.

Grassroots Organizations (Haitian or collaborative North/South Ventures):

Ecole Bazilo, Carrefour-Feuille, Port-au-Prince

Carrefour-Feuille is an area to the east of Port-Prince running from the sea-side into the mountains; the mountain areas were devastated by the earthquake of 2010.  The Bazilo School is run by musician educators, Louis Lesly Marcelin (aka Sanba Zao) and Mireille Marcelin, to provide elementary education to local children as well as at least one meal a day; the school hires local schoolteachers as well. Donations can be made by Western Union Transfer. For more information, contact: Louis Lesly Marcelin at [email protected]

Fosaj/Jacmel Arts Center is, as they write on their webpage: “an inclusive space for all creative minds to express themselves and collaborate together to share more beautiful and powerful stories from their culture.” The artists run workshops in the arts, including dance and drum, but also focusing on visual and plastic arts, such as the papier maché tradition for which Jacmel is so well known. To support their work, go to: https://jacmelartscenter.wordpress.com

Atis Fanm Matenwa is a women’s artists collective located in a remote village in the interior of LaGonav island off the coast of Haiti; they seek funds to re-build their homes and to continue the art work that sustains their community:

Zanmi Lakay is an organization focused on assisting homeless and formerly homeless Haitian children attain an education and direction in life; a major project of ZL has been photography workshops and training, based in Jacmel, in Southern Haiti.  Summer photography camps allow Haitian children and youth to document their own lives, as well as gain valuable training in a trade as photographers.  The resulting photography is exhibited and sold locally as well as in the US.  Children can also be sponsored to attend local schools.  See the following website for more information, and to view the photography:

Mid-Size & Large NGOS doing good work:

Institute for Justice & Democray in Haiti (IJDH), is a Boston-based legal advocacy NGO with offices in Haiti (under the name, Bureau des Avocats Internationaux). As they write on their website, they are: “a partnership of Haitian and US human rights advocates, supporting the Haitian people in their grassroots struggle for a just system of law, a society without violence, social justice, and a democratic government.” Visit them at the following website to learn more about their legal campaigns and other initiatives:


Zion’s Children of Haiti (founded May 2009), is a collaborative US-based/Haiti NGO with the following mission statement: “Our belief is that any enduring vision for Haiti’s future must begin and end with Haitians. Our goal is to provide support – financial, technical and organizational – to Haitians as they seek to provide greater opportunities for their children. Our partnerships have grown out of deep ties to Haiti, and we will continue to create new alliances to face current needs as they arise.”  Their main focus is the education of Haiti’s children.  For more information & to donate, see: http://www.zionschildrenhaiti.org/

KANPE, a francophone organization based in Montreal and founded by singer Régine Chassagne of Arcade Fire & Dominique Anglade, who lost her well-known parents in the quake, focuses on various causes: economic independence, nutrition, sustainable agriculture, secure housing.  Associated with Paul Farmer’s Fanmi Lasante & FONKOZE (site is in French & English): http://www.kanpe.org/

CECI(Centre d’étude et de coopération internationale)is a French-Canadian org operating in Haiti since 1971 on various aspects of development:

COHEF (Children of Haiti Enhancement Foundation, Inc.) works to provide schooling to disadvantaged children in rural areas. Motto: Independence through education.  See:

International Child Care works primarily with children in Haiti & the DR.  http://www.internationalchildcare.org/give

Handicap International “is an independent and impartial aid organization working in situations of poverty and exclusion, conflict and disaster,” around the world; their work in Haiti is aimed primarily at assisting earthquake amputees:

EqualHealth is a global community of health professionals, educators, and activists dedicated to the fight for health equity which transcends borders. Equal Health works in various parts of Africa and also in Haiti. Funds can be directed to various parts of their movement, including their campaign against racism (see: http://www.equalhealth.org/campaign-against-racism)
They state: “We bring together the strength and vision of organizations with their own histories and paths united by a shared commitment to building a global movement of social medicine educators and practitioners tackling health inequity in their institutions and in broader society.”


Doctors without Borders